When You Have Bad Mobile Coverage at Home

Something that you may not have noticed very much in the home buying process, was the minimal cell phone coverage you had at the home you just bought. Considering most people now use their cell phones as their primary connection option, this can be a significant issue. This is made worse if you work from home and continuously have a problem with your mobile connection. 

There are a few ways to troubleshoot this issue and regain a better connection, depending on your carrier. In this article, we will discuss a few of your options. 

Tap Into Your Home Internet

You can’t move the cell phone towers, but you can utilize your home internet provider to help you establish better calling features. You can do this by enabling wi-fi calling which the leading carriers allow you to do. This will enable you to make calls over a wi-fi signal rather than through cell data. Many of the major social apps also allow for calling features like facebook and skype. The call quality is usually outstanding and rivals that of most mobile companies. 

In your phone, go to your settings and find your wi-fi connection. Make sure that is enabled and give someone you know a call to test the feature out. You may find this option to work great unless the other person doesn’t use these options/messaging apps. 

You can also use Google Voice, which can work over the internet but will require you to use a different phone number. This might be a good option for those you need to do business with and keep those callers from using your personal cell phone number. 

Boost Your Signal

Another option is getting a signal booster. This piece of equipment will create a mini tower in your home to boost your signal and give you better reception. The drawback is that you will spend a few hundred dollars on this equipment and everyone in the neighborhood will have access to it. 

Some carriers have a specific piece of equipment to help you with this, so head to your wireless store and explain what is happening and ask them for support. They will be able to make recommendations for a booster that will likely help expand your service. 

Internet and Mobile Down

If your issue is more significant, meaning both your internet service and mobile access are limited, you’ll want to start discussions with your homeowner’s association, your neighbors, and the local cable provider. Often, when many people from one neighborhood have the same bad experience, they can convince a provider in offering higher quality services. This will likely take several months to achieve, but if you and your neighbors start now, by this time next year, this problem can be in your rearview mirror. Becoming a squeaky wheel is far easier than trying to resell a home you just bought.

We hope this has given you some ideas to get back on the grid. In this technology-driven world, a bad cell phone connection isn’t just a pain but can impact your livelihood. We hope one of these options does the trick.  

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