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Batavia, Ohio – Live, Work, and Play

If you have experienced Batavia, you might agree that the town feels more like a village than a city. Between the small government structure, artsy culture, and deep history, residents in Batavia have a special appreciation for their community. A major bonus of living in Batavia is that it’s situated close to Cincinnati, so residents have access to plenty of the activities and urban resources that people need and enjoy. Those living in this area will often commute to the city, which is only about 25-30 minutes away.

The Cincinnati suburb gets a “B” rating from those who live there based on everything from the cost of living, schools, crime rates, and housing costs. Let’s take a look at some of the particular attributes and data points for this area.

What to Do in Batavia, Ohio

When you choose to live in Batavia, you’re going to get a blend of small-town escape with big-city lights. It’s proximity to downtown Cincinnati makes it an ideal place to live for those looking for a good commuter market. You can enjoy the big attractions like Kings Island and Water park, or even closer to home, the Newport Aquarium. Sports fans might love the fact that they can catch a Bengals or Reds game, or cruise the downtown district for specialty gastro pubs and breweries.

Batavia is abundant with parks and outdoor spaces, all of which attract city-dwellers from Spring to Fall. Wine lovers might appreciate that Batavia is close to a number of vineyards making wine tasting a fun pass time.

Batavia, Ohio – Demographics

Over the last decade, Batavia has had a small increase in the population of only about 100 people, equalling just over 1,600 residents. The housing market has seen a 9% increase since this same time last year with median home prices sitting at $188,500. Homeowners make up about 81% of the residents there who average 37 years of age. A mix of older retired persons and young professionals are said to reside in the city. The single-family homeowner pays about $2000-$3000 a year in property taxes

Batavia, Ohio – Education System

Just because Batavia is small in population and size, don’t think they are small-minded in education. The Batavia School District can be found on Twitter praising students and the community regularly. The schools, in general, get a B-rating from residents and parents.

Economy and Business

Within Batavia manufacturing, healthcare, and social assistance industries provide the most job opportunities. The median income here is just over $63,000 a year. The finance and insurance positions in Batavia offer the highest compensation, with wages up about 3.4% over the past year.

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